DLA is a multi-lingual 3D data analyzer designed to sort, search and display information on various branches of knowledge, in different perspectives. You can create your own library, analyze data and make presentations. Search data with reference to person, event, and location, with reference to time, perform comparative operations, add and view text with images and audio/visual feeds, map up your business dealings, commercial data, other events or information using the data analyzer and view your transactions, records, and events in a 3D arrangement for analysis.



What all can DLA do?

Look at information vertically and horizontally with "DLA Matrix"
It is a history learning system that captures time and space in 3D form deploying information on "DLA Matrix".

See the details with DLA Card View
Details of each data are compiled as card information. You can also see images or movies using DLA.

Look at data in DLA Chronological Table
All the DLA data are displayed in chronological tables.

Facility to add "DLA Data Sets" with various themes
Ability to add "DLA Data Sets" with various themes such as Information Newsroom, History, Science, Character, etc. and relate the data through relation lines.

Add new information by yourself
It can be used as schools' information data base, where students can add new data such as Local History, School History or Personal History, etc.

Make a scenario all by yourself
The product allows you to organize, store and retrieve DLA data and make a scenario with ease.

Give DLA a try

DLA is user friendly and with a little effort you may start creating your own scenarios. You may even import your existing DLA data into the system.

Ease of Use

DLA simplifies your scenario process by gathering and displaying all your information at one place. This information may be edited or retrieved by a click on a button.

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Copyright © 2017 IAP Infotech. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2017 IAP Infotech. All rights reserved.