At IAP, we believe that quality is a culture, expressed in the way we interact and cater to the needs of our clients, and in the products & processes we deliver to them.

The company has set up Project Management Office and Software Engineering Practice Group to ensure the consistent standard and best practices in various phases of software development. This enables us to achieve the objective of minimum deviation from the budgeted efforts and time.

The Project Management Office (PMO) provides the structure needed to standardize both, project management practices and facilities and IT project portfolio management, as well as determine methodologies for repeatable processes. The PMO has brought in project management discipline and professionalism by mentoring, training, and guiding the organization's project teams as they learn and then adopt the best practices in their projects.

The Software Engineering Practice Group encourages and supports the use of up-to-date software engineering techniques and tools in software development. The main goal of this group is to cover the entire life cycle of an information system, from the initial planning to the end of the system's useful life. This methodology is a structured yet flexible approach to information system delivery.

The objectives in terms of the approach are given below.


  • It incorporates Process Modelling in structured techniques. It applies concepts of Information Engineering in which data is the foundation of system stability
  • It improves the requirement definition by use of prototyping where appropriate, to facilitate dialogue between users and developers and solicits user's approval
  • It defines for each participant the deliverable one is responsible for. It disciplines the Development Process and integrates with Project Management Process
  • It ensures quality in the product and process by planning and performing different levels of testing and by using appropriate tools and techniques
  • It documents the system as it is developed. It makes documentation a natural growth of development.



IAP lays strong focus on process quality to meet customer requirements consistently. This is done through a strong, flexible and continuously improving Quality Management System, which has evolved over a period of time, and is compliant with both ISO 9001:2008 Standard and CMMI L3.

We are committed to deliver quality software products and services to our customers at all times and ensure customer satisfaction by conforming to the quality management system and to maintain an organizational culture that fosters continual improvement.

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