Human Resources

IAP Infotech is a set apart by its world class environment where the team is spirited to bring quality and novelty to their work and emphasizes the focus on excellence including a culture that encourages and supports service & professionalism in the interactions of employees with each other.

It is our prime objective to maintain a competent, stable and diverse Quality pool that is well informed in matters affecting customer satisfaction as well as employee's satisfaction. IAP Infotech also seeks to promote employees' opportunity for growth, expression of ideas and work satisfaction through an atmosphere of appreciation and recognition of their contributions. The Human Resource Department here, as always, remains committed to being the change agent and will strive towards building a strong value-based high performance culture resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction.

Human Excellence

The organization has established a Human Resource Centre with a view to develop human excellence. The centre focuses on following types of activities:

Performance Management System

Driving the organization's and its members' progress by establishing objectives related to committed work against which performance can be measured through Competency Mapping, ascertain capability development assistance required to continuously enhance performance of the team.

Competency Mapping

This starts with identification of requisite competencies at the organization level which are ultimately dependent on competencies that are needed to be identified, built or enhanced in the individual & enhancing constantly the capability to perform assigned tasks and responsibility in turn uplinks to the organization capability building.

Training and Development

To ensure that the identified competency requirements are built through a systematic and focused approach. The effectiveness of career progression in an organization depends largely on the extent to which training and development opportunities are made available to employees, to enable them to realize their growth potential & to make contribution towards achieving organizational objectives. Training and development activities are the main mechanism through which individual goals and aspirations can be integrated with organization goals and requirements

Career Path

To ensure that individuals are provided opportunities to develop their competencies that enable them to achieve professional and personal career objectives within the organization's goals.

Reward and Recognition

"Reward and Recognition" essentially implies providing incentives to & recognition of employees, individually and as members of groups, for their performance and acknowledging their contributions to the growth of the Company. There are many ways to acknowledge good performance, from a sincere "Thank You!" for a specific job well done, to granting the highest level, company-specific rewards. Recognition ensures a positive, productive and innovative organizational climate & encourages more action

Participatory Culture

There are several engaging activities that make life at IAP Infotech a high-intensity. In addition to free coffee, there are lots of perks such as the great food in the roof-top cafeteria, the cricket tournaments and birthday celebrations and many more.....

Working at IAP Infotech is a satisfaction, experience it

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